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AuntBoo's Machine Quilting Service

   At AuntBoo's Machine Quilting we serve you with quality longarm quilting service, we will be glad to assist you in completing your quilt tops. We are pleased to offer designs, and several methods of quilt binding. If you have unfinished quilt tops please contact us about our machine quilting service. Our Longarm quilting machine is at your service. We are always glad to chat with you about quilt designs, quilt binding, longarm quilting or any thing quilt related. Please browse the links and check out Auntboo's Quilting site more thoroughly.

   Tee shirt quilts?  Yes we can take your tee shirt quilt project from design, through longarm quilting and binding.  We encourage you to contact us about your tee shirt quilt, we will be glad to answer any questions about preparation and machine quilting it.  Tee Shirt quilts are a perfect way to save memories, and bring extended usefulness to your collection of shirts from vacations, concerts, scouting, etc.

   We are offering our machine quilting service at the most affordable rate that we can, as we wish every quilter to be able to continue with this wonderful hobby/past-time.

   We do offer quilt binding as well.  Machine quilt binding is accomplished with double fold and mitered corners, very nice appearance and durable.  Hand stitch quilt binding is old time traditional and is for the "special" quilts. Hidden machine stitched on the front and hand stitched on the back. Contact us about quilt binding.

Reserving Schedule Dates:

If you are working a project and will need machine quilting service by a specific date please contact us.  We will work with you and strive to schedule your project to your satisfaction. Please Contact Us.

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Customer Incentives:

  • New customer discount: we love working with new quilters 10% new customer discount.

  • Referral Discount: refer your quilting friends and save.

  • Frequent Quilter Discount are you a quilt addict?  Do you piece 5 or more tops a year?  Click on the Quilting Addicts at the top of the page.

Please CONTACT us and take advantage of these savings.

Our Machine:

We have upgraded to a new State-of-the-Art 12 foot ABM Innova longarm quilting machine.  With fantastic stitch regulation the stitch count per inch is quite accurate.  All this makes for a more attractive and durable quilt.  We are comfortable with quilts up to 120 inches in width.
A very nice quilt